The Office of Probation oversees and supervises those placed on Probation by the Judge assigned to the Ward District Court System to perform a certain amount of Community Service inlieu of paying a fine.  Probationers must adhere to a strict set of guidelines established by the court while on probation and must report - as required - to the Probation Officer.   

Only probationers assigned from the Ward District Court are allowed to perform Community Service with the Ward Probation Officer.

Responsibilities of the Probation Officer

  • Enforce orders of the Court
  • Ensure fines and costs are paid at the specified time ordered by the court
  • Ensure monthly check-ins with Probation Officer
  • Enforce orders for community service
  • Enforce orders of Classes that are Court ordered
    • Theft prevention
    • Anger management
    • Drug Education

Contact Info

Officer McNair
Probation Officer
405 Hickory Street
Ward, AR 72176