Sanitation & Recycling

The City of Ward contracts with Zella's Trash Service for sanitation (trash) pickup.   

Trash Services Provided

  1. Once a week service for residential customers with the charge being collected by the City. ZTS will also collect up to two (2) additional bags of trash per household in addition to the 96-Gallon cart provided.  See image below for trash routes/dates.
  2. Trash shall be placed at curbside (street side) by the resident, on the specified day set by ZTS in coordination with the City.
  3. Days and routes of collection to be determined by ZTS in coordination with the City.
  4. Collection hours will begin no earlier than 7:00 a.m. on specified days and end no later than 6:00 p.m. There will be no collection on Sundays.
  5. All trash shall be bagged and securely tied, and/or in containers. No loose trash or garbage on the ground will be picked up. 
  6. ZTS will not be responsible for trash strewn by animals prior to pick up. Any spillage caused by ZTS employees will be cleaned up by
  7. Items not acceptable at curbside pickup:
  • No furniture or appliances
  • No ashes of any type – most households put on gardens, etc.
  • No dead animals – call the City.
  • No hazardous waste – call the State Office of Environmental Control.
  • No yard waste, such as leaves, limbs, grass clippings, etc.   
  • No construction materials
  • No tires


The Central Arkansas Regional Solid Waste Management District provides recycling services for the City of Ward.  Recyling Bins are located behind City Hall and are available 24-hours a day.

Contact Info

Zellas Trash Service
6217 Kerr Station Rd
Cabot, AR 72176
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Central Arkansas Regional Solid Waste Management District
902 N. Center Street
Lonoke, AR 72086

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