Mayor, City Clerk & Council

The City of Ward operates under a "Mayor-Council" form of Government with the Mayor and Council working together for the betterment of the city and its residents.  There are six (6) Ward City Council Members.  

Ballotpedia Definition of Mayor/Council form of Government

Mayor-council government is one of the five major types of municipal government found in cities and towns throughout the United States. The other four are council-managercommissiontown meeting, and representative town meeting.

Mayor-council governments generally feature an elected executive officer called a mayor and an elected legislative body that is most often known as the city council. Depending on a city’s history or its relationship with the surrounding county, however, the legislative body might go by another name such as an urban-county council, a common council, a board of supervisors or a metro council. Similarly, the number of city council members varies widely. The Madison Common Council, for example, consists of 20 members, while the New York City City Council consists of 51 members.


Diagram of Mayor-Council Form of Government

Mayor-Council Form of Government