Part-Time City Clerk (Elected Official)

This position is to fill the Clerk’s remaining term of office until December 31, 2022 

This is a part-time position paying $24,500 per year plus Benefits 

To be eligible, you must live in the Ward City Limits, be a registered voter and turn in an  

Affidavit of Eligibility by 12-noon, July 18, 2022 

See below to view City of Ward Ordinance O-2022-15 - Duties and Responsibilities of City Clerk

A.C.A.14-43-506. Duties of city clerk.

(a) The city clerk in cities of the first class shall have the custody of all the laws and ordinances of the city and shall keep a regular and correct journal of the proceedings of the city council.
(A) The city clerk, city clerk-treasurer, or city treasurer, as the case may be, shall submit monthly a full report and a detailed statement of the financial condition of the city.
(B) The report shall show receipts, disbursements, and balance on hand, together with all liabilities of the city.
(2) The report shall be submitted to the council in open session.